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Furniture Assembly, Bed Frames & More

Everyone knows that some assembly required usually means lots of assembly. Atlas gets your furniture and equipment out of the box and into your home or yard, so you don't have to agonize over confusing instructions. Directions for assembling a new piece of furniture can be confusing and the assemblies themselves can be involved and time consuming.


  • Furniture Assembly

  • IKEA™ Furniture Assembly

  • Bed Frame Assembly

  • Grill Assembly

  • Basketball Hoop Assembly

  • Toy Assembly

  • Bookcase Assembly

  • Futon Assembly

  • Bike Assembly

  • Storage Rack Assembly

  • Entertainment Center Assembly

  • Deck Furniture Assembly

  • Desk Assembly

  • Table Assembly

  • Shelving Unit Assembly

  • Cabinet Assembly

  • Sofa Assembly

  • Fence Assembly

  • Blackboard Assembly & Installation

If assembly is required, Atlas can do it. So, if you don’t have the time to do it yourself, or want to make sure it’s assembled correctly, request service with Atlas.


Repair, Install, Grout, Patch & More

The little things add up. That's why regular maintenance in and around the home is especially important. With an average of 10 years' experience, We know exactly what to look for and how to fix it. From replacing grout in the bathroom to installing a fan in the attic, let us tackle the small projects on your list.

  • Bathroom Maintenance
    Install new shower doors, replace broken tiles, stop a leaky toilet, repair a faucet—the bathroom gets a lot of use and abuse. Thankfully, our experienced handymen can do it all. Here are just a few of the common bathroom services we handle on a regular basis:

    • Faucet Repair
    • Fixture Installation
    • Shower Door Repair & Installation
    • Tile & Grout Repair
    • Patching Drywall


  • Garage Maintenance
    Nobody likes walking through a cluttered garage. From installing storage racks to repairing garage windows, we can get your garage in tip-top condition.

  • Kitchen Maintenance
    An active kitchen is bound to experience some wear and tear. Whether you have a broken cabinet drawer or a chipped tile backsplash, we can repair your kitchen to chef-worthy condition.

  • Outdoor Home Maintenance
    Keeping up the appearance of your house requires seasonal maintenance. From repairing fences to power washing the side of your home, some of these maintenance tasks you may be able to tackle on your own. As for the rest, let us help cross a few items off of that outdoor to-do list. 

    • Deck Maintenance
    • Fence Maintenance
    • Storm Door Installation



Flooring, Lighting, Vanities, Cabinets, Doors & More

Out with the old and in with Atlas. We install household plumbing and lighting fixtures, **(some) floors, doors,  and more. Whatever you need installed in your home, we will get the job done right and on time.

  • Baby Proofing
    So, you have a baby on the way. Congratulations! Atlas can help keep your bundle of joy safe.Contact us about installing baby gates throughout your home and  other baby proofing services.


  • Door and Doorknob Installation
    We install interior and entryway doors, storm doors, shower doors, closet doors, pocket doors, and pet doors, too. If you need your new doors finished or painted first, we are on hand with the right equipment and expert technique.


  • Toilet Installation
    Replacing your old toilet with some brand new porcelain is a great way to refresh your entire restroom. 

  • Faucet & Showerhead Installation

  • Along with solving leaks, Atlas installs plumbing fixtures, including new faucets and shower heads.


  • Flooring Installation

      Wood, vinyl, laminate, tile… We install it all.

  • Handrail  Installation
    Installing handrails can improve safety in garages, basements and tub-showers. We install store-bought solutions.


  • Lighting & Electrical Fixtures Installation
    Ceiling fans, bathroom venting fans, dimmer switches, smoke alarms, chandeliers, you name it. We are experienced at installing all types of lighting and electrical fixtures. Read about our electrical services for more information. 


  • TV Wall Mount
    Mounting your television is a great way to create more space in your living room, basement, kitchen or bedroom. However, mounting a television isn’t always as easy as it seems. We will make sure the television is mounted safely and securely according to the specifications of the hardware.


  • Dryer vent installation


  • Blackboard Installation
    Whether you need help installing a blackboard in your classroom or kitchen, Atlas can help. Regardless of size, no task is either too big or too small for our home improvement professionals. Contact Atlas today to see how we can help make your chalkboard inspiration a reality.


Basketball Hoop Installation
With Atlas, you’re just one call away from shooting hoops. Whether you bought a brand new basketball hoop or found one second-hand, we will help assemble the pole, backboard, rim and net. Most importantly, they will secure the pole firmly into the ground – if required.


A fresh coat of paint can breathe life into any room, exterior or piece of furniture. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor paint job,  We know what makes a great paint job. And it's our mission to deliver the level of detail and professionalism that you expect and deserve.

  • Crown Molding & Trim Painting
    Crown molding adds an elegant touch to any room. Whether you’re repainting the entire room or just updating the trim, you’ll find that painting the crown molding can be a challenge.We are equipped with the tools and the skills needed to refresh your crown molding. You can depend on our worry-free guarantee!


  • Deck Painting
    Staining and painting is just one of the deck-related projects that we can handle.


  • Door Painting
    Removing your doors and painting each one by hand takes a lot of time. Atlas has the tools and skills to apply a quality paint job at a fraction of the time. Whether you want just your front door painted or all of your doors, no job is either too big or too small. 

    Need help installing or repairing a door? We can help with that, too.


  • Furniture Painting & Staining

Whether you want to add a splash of color to your kitchen chairs or need help staining a second-hand table, Atlas can help. We have all of the skills and experience required to sand, strip, stain and paint your latest furniture project.


Replace, Repair, Insulate, Install & More

Leaky pipes and faucets can waste a lot of water-and money-if left alone. Atlas is pleased to offer plumbing services for your home, including faucet repair, toilet replacement, pipe insulation and more. 

  • Faucet Repair & Installation
    Our experienced handymen always repair broken or leaky fixtures in order to avoid costly replacements.We arrive ready to work with all of the tools and parts needed to complete the job. From leaky faucets to broken shower heads, no repair job is too small.

  • Sump Pump Replacement
    The sump pump is the last line of defense against basement flooding. If you’re sump pump needs replacing, don’t wait a day long. We are the one-call solution to replacing your submersible or pedestal sump pump. 

  • Minor Plumbing Leaks
    According to the EPA, leaky pipes and fixtures can waste more than 10,000 gallons of water every year. We have the skills and expertise to repair or replace troublesome pipes, toilets and fixtures—before they wreak havoc on your water bill.


  • Toilet Repair & Installation
    Whether you’re installing low-flow toilets or repairing an existing toilet, we have the skills to get the job done right. Yes, the job stinks. But we are happy to get the job done right and on time.



Emergency Electricians -24 Hour Electrician  - Local Electrician 

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